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Personalized Approach to Business Accounting 

Adams & Miles LLP Chartered Professional Accountants provides accounting services to businesses in varying industries. Our personalized approach can help businesses become more efficient with their business processes, guide business decisions with our unique experience, and help establish a path for future growth. Serving Toronto with committed employees that are hand-picked for their workmanship and dedication. If you are a business owner or represent a private firm, our range of business accounting services provide possible avenues for success.

Strategic Business Services in Toronto

Managing a general ledger requires organization and time, so detailed records are maintained so that accounts are balanced according to business needs. We are skilled in organization and are willing to thoroughly pour over accounts to find redundancies, balance expenses against income, and gain awareness of the businesses’ tax standing. The unique needs of businesses, such as tax and accounting, small business bookkeeping, and businesses run by self-employed individuals, sometimes require the extra time and skill of a CPA. 

Our tailored business accounting services include:

- Payroll
- Accounting System Integration
- Financial Statement Production 
- Tax Preparation 

Detailed Financial Statements

Business owners need full awareness of their financial stature. Adams & Miles LLP Chartered Professional Accountants can prepare financial statements that can show the true state of your business. Combined with a year over year comparison, financial statements can be invaluable to businesses to keep a record of their growth and financial efficiency. Our CPA’s can discover redundancies in your business or places where the belt can be tightened to streamline cash flow. These statements can also be used for tax services throughout the year, assisting tax submission with accurate accounts of income and expenditures. 

Payroll Management for Tax Preparedness

Payroll taxes are uniquely difficult, as each employee may have varying deductions and unique tax situations. We can help you correctly keep track of each employee’s tax standing, and assist in organizing quarterly payroll tax paperwork. This can assist businesses in limiting liability and ensuring their employees are properly paid. Additionally, our CPA assistance can improve your payroll system for more efficient operation. 

Get in touch with Toronto and Mississauga accountants

Contact our offices today for meticulous CPA’s that treat clients with respect and individualized attention. Adams & Miles LLP Chartered Professional Accountants wants to help businesses succeed in their enterprise with careful accounting. Call us today for a consultation. 

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