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Family Business Consulting

Trusted Advice for your Family Owned Business

Family businesses, due to their nature, have unique business qualities that require careful decision-making and a plan for the future. It may be difficult for these businesses to make decisions, for balancing business and family relationships is inherently a challenge. To aid your business, our CPA’s at Adams & Miles LLP Chartered Professional Accountants are experienced in providing trusted advice so your business can continue to run smoothly in Toronto. 

Expert Advice for Successful Practices

The unique challenges in running a self-employed family business require special attention for its many needs. Adams & Miles LLP Chartered Professional Accountants can help with various issues including accounting software and implementation, business process improvement, and tax preparation. When improving internal accounting and business processes are your aim, we can recommend a cost-efficient path for introducing a system that will make your business more efficient. 

Professional assistance relieves pressure from family members who simply want to run the business they love. Ultimately, our goal is to create a plan for your business to succeed and to let each family member’s strengths enhance daily business operations. We hope to empower your business to be financially successful and free from the mire of family conflict. 

Creating a Plan for the Next Steps 

When the time comes to retire and sell the family business, or to pass it on, Adams & Miles LLP Chartered Professional Accountants wants to streamline the process and put the business owner in control. With well-defined documents, our CPA’s can draft your succession or estate strategy, and execute the plan when the time is right. With a thorough evaluation, your business will be precisely valued for when you decide to sell, and we can also assist in the process of purchasing a business and managing the complex documentation that results from a merger. Times of succession and leaving a business to the next generation can cause significant conflict, but with the help of your Toronto CPA’s, these times can go over more smoothly, and your specific needs cared for. 

Tax Preparation for Family Businesses

Year-long tax preparation is an important task that should not be left until the deadline. This should begin right after tax season; depending if your business is incorporated or your family is running as self-employed, this is differing times of the year. No matter when you need to file a return, or if you’ve received penalties in the past, Adams & Miles LLP Chartered Professional Accountants is available to navigate the tax code and limit liability for a brighter financial future. 

Contact Toronto CPA’s for your Family Business

Serving both Toronto and Mississauga, our accountants provide services tailored to individual businesses and their unique financial operations. If you need help with your family business, call us today. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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